Parent company history

Toyo Seat Co., Ltd. looks back on a more than seven decades long history in the automotive industry. The innovation inspired corporation has successfully established a global presence due to its sites in the United States (1988), China (1992), The Philippines (1998) and Hungary (2002).

Not only did Toyo Seat achieve great success in automotive seat production, but their product range entails soft tops for cabrios, roof modules, mechanical products, exhaust pipes, train seats, steel office furniture and healthcare products as well. 

At the end of 2009, Toyo Seat had 900 employees and a turnover of 43,2 million US dollars. The Hungarian plant, where approximately 170 workers are employed, is of great importance to Suzuki as one of their main clients. In 2019, Toyo Seat USA established a joint venture with two other suppliers specializing in seat production.

The milestones of Toyo Seat Co. Ltd.

  • May 1947

    The foundation of the corporation under the name ‘Osaka Matsuda Ltd.’, with an initial capital of 70.000 yen.

  • May, 1960

    Construction of the Hiroshima warehouse to supply products more efficiently for Mazda Motor Corp.

  • January, 1961

    The opening of the Itami plant in order to increase production capacity.

  • January, 1962

    The official establishment of Toyo Seat Co., Ltd., taking over product and manufacturing rights from Osaka Matsuda Ltd. with an initial capital of 2.5 million yen.

  • 1962-1964

    Continuously increasing capital over 60 million yen, strengthening the financial foundations of the company.

  • March, 1965

    Construction of a new manufacturing plant at the Hiroshima site, beginning the supply of car seats for Mazda Motor Corp.

  • July, 1970

    Car seat production moved from Itami to Hiroshima. The Itami plant specializes in manufacturing strollers, seats and healthcare products from that point.

  • April, 1979

    The main office moved from the Itami plant to Hiroshima, making Hiroshima the corporation-headquarter.

  • January, 1988

    Toyo Seat USA Corp. was founded in the state of Michigan to expand to the American market.

  • May, 1992

    The corporation received a quality assurance certificate from Mazda Motor Corp.

  • March, 2002

    The foundation of Toyo Seat Europe Kft. in Hungary - the emblem of the corporation’s entrance to the European market.

  • September, 2006

    Introduction of environmental management systems and foundation of new, international manufacturing plants, with Magyar Toyo Seat Kft. being one of them.

Global expansion and sustainability

Besides international expansion, the corporation is dedicated to implement sustainable production methods and taking environmental responsibility. With the company’s global footprint increasing, Toyo Seat pays close attention to achieve carbon neutrality.

Toyo Seat Co., Ltd and its subsidiaries, including Magyar Toyo Seat Kft., proudly carry on the legacy of their founders and the company’s traditional values through modern technology and innovation, in order to create a sustainable and comfortable future in the automotive industry.


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